Thursday, September 18, 2008

Your Thanksgiving Ham Could Have Mouse Genes In It And The FDA Does Not Want You To Know About It.

The FDA took the opportunity of the elections dominating the news cycle to approve Cloned Meat to be sold to unsuspecting consumers without any labeling , and thus taking the choice out of our hands.

Now the FDA is fighting labeling on Genetically Engineered animals that will end up on your table .

According to Jean Halloran, Director of Food Policy Initiatives at Consumers Union , " mouse genes have been put into pigs to help them metabolize phosphorous more efficiently, and spider genes have been put into goats so that they produce spider silk in their milk."

So your Thanksgiving Ham , your breakfast bacon & pork chops could be genetically engineered with mouse genes WITHOUT your knowledge or Choice, because there won't be a label telling you that.

And according to Dr. Michael Hansen Senior Scientist at the at Consumers Union : "Consumers Union is also concerned that cows engineered to produce antibiotics in their milk, which can help the cow avoid udder infections, also will not be labeled. "Unlike conventional antibiotics, which must be cleared from the cow before it can be used to produce milk or meat, the antibiotic that is genetically engineered into the animal will always be present. We are concerned both about the potential safety and lack of labeling on such food products."

How dare the FDA take away our ability to make choices about what we eat & what we feed our children.

These are the people who brought us hydrogenated oils , aspartame and genetically engineered corn , soy & cotton. In my opinion the FDA should be held responsible for promoting the diseases we see today.

When will the FDA start putting consumers before profit for their cronies. And when will they stop using the consumers as guinea pigs. And when will the consumers wake up & demand real protection from their governmental agencies?

Call your Senators & Congressmen and demand labeling on all cloned & genetically engineered foods, don't allow them to take such important choice away from us.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Sales Up by 40% At Thrift Stores and Second -Hand Clothing Outlets

While retailers are suffering, and struggling to get paying customers through the doors due to the abysmal economy , another segment of the retailing industry are enjoying a 40% increase in sales according to a News Report quoting economists, and verified locally by the reporter who interviewed some of the thrift stores' staff and customers .

When I moved to the Palm Springs area 5 years ago, I was surprised at the number of Consignment Stores , Second -Hand stores & Thrift Stores in the area.

You can find a consignment store or a thrift store on almost every major street. The chance of driving by one of these stores on hwy 111 ( our major thoroughfare) versus driving by a Starbucks could be 4 to 1.

A good number of these stores are privately owned , but the majority are owned by non-profit organizations .

As our middle class erodes further and further with every economic downturn, and disparity in our society widens, opening Second- Hand Stores could become the next boom in business opportunities.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Sarah Palin : The Woman & Mother Unveiled ...

This is not a political rant , but rather grave concern as to the judgment and moral values of Sarah Palin as Woman and Mother.

I can somewhat understand it, when a woman who has no children and is desperate to get pregnant, would venture and take a risk at the age of 43

But , I cannot even phantom the idea, of someone who already has 4 children, taking that risk before getting her ovaries thoroughly tested , to eliminate any possibilities of causing the Baby to be born with Down Syndrome, and putting a baby's health and well being at risk.

I worked with Children with Down Syndrome, as well as with their parents and saw the pain first hand.

For those of you who do not know much what a Baby could endure with Down Syndrome, get informed.

I am not a proponent of abortion by any means. But in my book the recklessness of a pregnancy with a very high probability of causing a baby to be born with Down Syndrome, or any disease , is as immoral and irresponsible as having an abortion.

And what would be more immoral, is if the Evangelical Movement and the
Pro - Life Movement (who are suddenly pouring money now into the McCain Campaign) decide to use that pregnancy and Baby, to glamorize and propel Sarah Palin as their Poster Girl, and to further their political agenda of imposition, at the expense of the Baby . And that would be purely unconscionable .

Her poor judgment is not, in not having an abortion, but rather in not doing everything she possibly could have done , before getting pregnant, to make sure that the life she will be bearing will be protected from suffering. I am sure as Governor, she had access to top medical advice, anywhere in the country.

Who is taking care of that Baby she was parading on TV ?

Some might say, well her pregnancy might have been an accident and unplanned , and I say, when a woman is 43 and already on the verge of , or in menopause, she is expected to have at least an ounce of judgment, in the form of a condom, to protect the unborn.

I guess we live in a time when youthfulness and its quest are very popular and perceived as a measure of self worth , and could lead some women to feel that they are invincible ... and I say , good judgment should always prevail and especially when it has to deal with another life.

I do understand that we do not really know what goes on in people's private lives, and we should not be judgmental , and in any other circumstance I would totally agree .

But, considering that in this particular case , we are dealing with a woman who could be elected as Vice President , then her judgment and moral values are pivotal.

So, I take exception to that rule of minding my own business, especially , that with our media being mostly male dominated, they will not dare to bring up matters such as, the responsibilities of late pregnancies, and menopause up for discussion, in fear of losing advertisers, and, the raft of the different militant groups.

I believe that this is a debate that should take place, as it deals with the fundamentals of judgment and the core of morality.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Who is the House Protecting With This Electronic Surveillance Bill ?

The Associated Press Reported today that: " The House Friday easily approved a compromise bill setting new electronic surveillance rules that effectively shield telecommunications companies from lawsuits arising from the government's terrorism-era warrantless eavesdropping on phone and computer lines in this country."

So who are our elected officials protecting this time with this Electronic Surveillance Bill ?

I went on You Tube and searched for some archived reports on the subject, believing that I'll find some reports on Att or Verizon as the culprits in pushing the bill. Instead I stumbled on this Fox News Report that tells another story .

And if it is coming from Fox News with Tony Snow heading the report, then it must be true. Watch the video and see who these telecommunications companies our elected officials are shielding under this electronic surveillance bill.

Just when will our untrusted elected officials in Congress & the Senate going to start standing up for the American People . I thought they were elected to protect our rights and put our interests before any special interest groups.

Or better yet, when are we going to boot them out of office. They surely do not deserve to represent us . They have been bought and sold so many times by special interest groups that they forgot who elected them and forgot their fiduciary duty to us. Vote them out.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Tim Russert: You Touched Our Lives and Hearts With Your Life and Your Death.

I never in my wildest dreams ever thought that it is possible to get so emotionally and intellectually affected by the death of someone I did not know personally . Yet, I feel like I lost my best friend with the death of Tim Russert . I truly do feel lost.

There was something about Tim Russert that exuded integrity , honesty, total contentment and joy in what he was doing. I keep seeing his smile and the twinkle in his eyes during the primaries.

Tim Russert was like an architect. He understood that comprehensive knowledge about his guest was the foundation, and we the public were the client. From these notions, he formulated his questions with the intention of generating the closest profile rendering of the guest, and left it to us to approve or disapprove. He was a genius.

For the past three days I have been trying to understand my very sad feelings for the loss of a Journalist, thousands of miles away, whom I did not know beyond TV.

Finally today while watching the sort of Wake for Tim Russert during the Meet the Press time slot,it hit me.

We look to the Journalists and news Media to be our eyes and ears, and we need to trust them to report the Facts to us.

Unfortunately, during the past few years, we were hit with a new reality.

Journalists armed with the First Amendment to protect them, forgot what their roles were , and allowed themselves to be intimidated into submission and fear .

Many replaced information, facts and integrity, with sensationalism, and with some, intentional misinformation.

Corporate Media Moguls in search of ever more power, bought into the underlying notion that has being perpetuated for the past decade , that we the public, are morons & stupid, and THEY , have the power to mold us as they please, with lies and misinformation, and turned Journalists into pushers of agendas.

Tim Russert was able to stay above all that and stayed true to his profession, ideals, and those who depended on him to deliver facts. He cannot be replaced.

I sincerely hope that every journalist will take some time to reflect on Tim Russert's Life and how he is being remembered . I sincerely hope that this loss, will inspire journalists to stand up and demand that Journalism 101 be returned as the basis of reporting.

To Tim Russert, who in his life as in his death has touched the core of our hearts . Happy Journey !

Monday, May 5, 2008

Alzheimer Moms & Mothers' Day

The other day I asked a friend of mine whose Mom has been slipping into Alzheimer or Dementia for a few years, what was she planning on doing with her Mom on Mothers' Day. Her response was, " nothing, she doesn't know who I am , and she won't remember it anyways."

I don't know what is worse or sadder , the fact that her Mom won't remember, or the fact that my friend has given up on her Mom?

My Mom too, has Dementia, and I am most certain that my Mom on her worst days, when she might not have been able to remember my name, she knew who I was , or, at least knew that someone close to her and who loves her is there, holding her hand , kissing her and talking to her. I could see it in her face, and feel it in her touch.

I always loved my Mom, but I never loved her as much as I do now, she is like a child , full of innocence and more dependent than she ever thought she could become, and most of all needs the reassurance that she is not a burden.

How could anyone ignore their Mom on the mere premise that they will not be recognized , and not spend Mothers' Day with her. It does not matter if she will know you, remember you, or remember you were there. What matters is that she will feel the love and its energy. And it is not about you. It's about her.

Don't think sadness or heartbreak. Just think LOVE and show it.

If you have a Mom suffering from Alzheimer or Dementia , you might want to read my Article, and have a wonderful day with your Mom.

Happy Mothers Day to All Moms !

Monday, April 28, 2008

Is Obama a threat to Rev. Wright & organized religions in general ?

I watched Reverend Wright yesterday during his NAACP address. Though I found him entertaining , he struck me as being on a mission , and it felt that his whole song and dance, was nothing more than a lead up to the crescendo of a repetition of Barack Hussein Obama three or four times.

Is Obama perceived by Reverend Wright as a threat?

Is Obama perceived as a threat to all organized religions?

The other day, I saw on television, a billboard in front of some church where they replaced passages from the Scripture with Obama Osama .

If Obama is elected, and is true to his promises of Change, Hope and uplifting people, then, "the people", who after eight years of fear and helplessness, will wake up on November 21st 2008 and feel a big surge of hope in the future ,in their self worth, individual potential and the possibilities . And yes, organized religion in all its forms and creeds will become less of a crutch and will start loosing their gold laying flock and their hold and control on them.