Thursday, September 18, 2008

Your Thanksgiving Ham Could Have Mouse Genes In It And The FDA Does Not Want You To Know About It.

The FDA took the opportunity of the elections dominating the news cycle to approve Cloned Meat to be sold to unsuspecting consumers without any labeling , and thus taking the choice out of our hands.

Now the FDA is fighting labeling on Genetically Engineered animals that will end up on your table .

According to Jean Halloran, Director of Food Policy Initiatives at Consumers Union , " mouse genes have been put into pigs to help them metabolize phosphorous more efficiently, and spider genes have been put into goats so that they produce spider silk in their milk."

So your Thanksgiving Ham , your breakfast bacon & pork chops could be genetically engineered with mouse genes WITHOUT your knowledge or Choice, because there won't be a label telling you that.

And according to Dr. Michael Hansen Senior Scientist at the at Consumers Union : "Consumers Union is also concerned that cows engineered to produce antibiotics in their milk, which can help the cow avoid udder infections, also will not be labeled. "Unlike conventional antibiotics, which must be cleared from the cow before it can be used to produce milk or meat, the antibiotic that is genetically engineered into the animal will always be present. We are concerned both about the potential safety and lack of labeling on such food products."

How dare the FDA take away our ability to make choices about what we eat & what we feed our children.

These are the people who brought us hydrogenated oils , aspartame and genetically engineered corn , soy & cotton. In my opinion the FDA should be held responsible for promoting the diseases we see today.

When will the FDA start putting consumers before profit for their cronies. And when will they stop using the consumers as guinea pigs. And when will the consumers wake up & demand real protection from their governmental agencies?

Call your Senators & Congressmen and demand labeling on all cloned & genetically engineered foods, don't allow them to take such important choice away from us.

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