Monday, April 28, 2008

Is Obama a threat to Rev. Wright & organized religions in general ?

I watched Reverend Wright yesterday during his NAACP address. Though I found him entertaining , he struck me as being on a mission , and it felt that his whole song and dance, was nothing more than a lead up to the crescendo of a repetition of Barack Hussein Obama three or four times.

Is Obama perceived by Reverend Wright as a threat?

Is Obama perceived as a threat to all organized religions?

The other day, I saw on television, a billboard in front of some church where they replaced passages from the Scripture with Obama Osama .

If Obama is elected, and is true to his promises of Change, Hope and uplifting people, then, "the people", who after eight years of fear and helplessness, will wake up on November 21st 2008 and feel a big surge of hope in the future ,in their self worth, individual potential and the possibilities . And yes, organized religion in all its forms and creeds will become less of a crutch and will start loosing their gold laying flock and their hold and control on them.