Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Today it's all about Tuberculosis, "TB" , the New Scare

Well, guess what , we have a new scare .... Tuberculosis "TB" and flying .

All the News and Cable News Shows today featured a complete set of Health Analysts, Terrorism Analysts , Print Media Journalists , Homeland Security experts. So do not worry . They are on top of their daily dose of fear mongering ... and asking the real important questions :" How was this guy allowed on an airplane?"

How about for a change , educating the people about the decease, informing us how many people are infected in the USA, what States that have the highest reported cases , why ? , how do people protect themselves, how poverty is a big contributor .

On Chris Matthews' Hardball, today a former Reagan Deputy Ass. Defense Secretary ,
KT McFarland , and the infamous, Michael Brown were advocating a Health NO FLY List .
Of course they were instigated by Chris , that's what he does best.

Some of their suggestions where ; Homeland Security should coordinate with CDC and start the health no fly list. Michel Brown suggested to hire some "Company" missed it's name , to farm data on everybody and compile the list.

I am not a Doctor or come anywhere close to being a health professional, but I know that TB, like some other infectious decease like Mono, Hepatitis among others, could be carried by people who never exhibit any symptoms , and with 45 + million uninsured Americans who cannot afford to see a Doctor unless very sick, how does a list ever get compiled .

And, what about the rest of the world . According to the Doctors Without Borders Organization , Tuberculosis is hardly under control around the world. Are we going to force the rest of the world to compile lists too ? How stupid !

I added a link to the Doctors without Borders site at the end of my post for whoever would like to check it out.

Richard Huber said :

"The old prescription of success is a combination of ability and character. Once the character fails, the ability follows."

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Is it the quality of Producers, or Media Exec. policy?

I was not sure how I was going to initiate my blogging , but Keith Olberman on MSNBC made it easy for me. I like Keith Olberman , he strikes me as an upstanding human being , he is funny and in my opinion one of the very few who still exhibits principles in his "Special Comments" , whether you agree with him or not.

BUT , I cannot understand for the life of me why he does not refuse to report all the stupid so called news that is continuously being shoved in our face? Sanjaya , American Idol, Michael Jackson, Rosie O'Donnell , and the list goes on and on and on .

Why do Media Executives treat us, the viewing audience like morons and make the decisions on what we should be watching ? And why do we still allow them . I know, I can switch channels , but guess what , going one click up brings in Fox News , and one click down it's CNN, not much of a choice . So I end up clicking the OFF button .

I remember during the Anna Nicole Smith saga .... which ran for days with no end in sight, some of the ( how do we refer to these guys ? Talk Show Hosts , Journalists , Commentators? if any body knows how to properly address them , please tell me ) like Chris Matthews of Hardball, you could see some embarrassment in his face in having to turn Hardball into a Soap/News Opera.

And the worst part is when later , WE, the audience are blamed for having an insatiable appetite for these news. All the Analysts and Consultants gather around to remind us that WE, the audience like these kind of news and scandals, and the Media Executives and Producers are just obliging !