Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Today it's all about Tuberculosis, "TB" , the New Scare

Well, guess what , we have a new scare .... Tuberculosis "TB" and flying .

All the News and Cable News Shows today featured a complete set of Health Analysts, Terrorism Analysts , Print Media Journalists , Homeland Security experts. So do not worry . They are on top of their daily dose of fear mongering ... and asking the real important questions :" How was this guy allowed on an airplane?"

How about for a change , educating the people about the decease, informing us how many people are infected in the USA, what States that have the highest reported cases , why ? , how do people protect themselves, how poverty is a big contributor .

On Chris Matthews' Hardball, today a former Reagan Deputy Ass. Defense Secretary ,
KT McFarland , and the infamous, Michael Brown were advocating a Health NO FLY List .
Of course they were instigated by Chris , that's what he does best.

Some of their suggestions where ; Homeland Security should coordinate with CDC and start the health no fly list. Michel Brown suggested to hire some "Company" missed it's name , to farm data on everybody and compile the list.

I am not a Doctor or come anywhere close to being a health professional, but I know that TB, like some other infectious decease like Mono, Hepatitis among others, could be carried by people who never exhibit any symptoms , and with 45 + million uninsured Americans who cannot afford to see a Doctor unless very sick, how does a list ever get compiled .

And, what about the rest of the world . According to the Doctors Without Borders Organization , Tuberculosis is hardly under control around the world. Are we going to force the rest of the world to compile lists too ? How stupid !

I added a link to the Doctors without Borders site at the end of my post for whoever would like to check it out.

Richard Huber said :

"The old prescription of success is a combination of ability and character. Once the character fails, the ability follows."

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