Saturday, June 23, 2007

The Wonderful World of Skype

My Family is scattered all over , and though through the years, we did keep in touch on a regular basis by telephone, birthday and Christmas cards, we did not see each other much, especially my only sister who after spending years moving from country to country and state to state due to her husband's job , she just stopped traveling and the last time I saw her was 1996 . Her little boy was only 2 years old.

I know, I could have gone to Massachusetts and seen her, but my work for 10 years took me at least twice a month to different cities , and getting on an airplane has become something to avoid at any cost .

Over a year ago, I updated my Apple from a G4 Tower , to an IMac , and with its state of the art built in camera and microphone, the whole world opened up in front of me. I downloaded Skype
and invited the whole family to join .

I am so grateful to eBay for providing that service.

I remember the folks on Wall Street did not spare a comment about eBay buying Skype , yet every time I am on a call I can see the number of people using Skype at the same time, it is never less than 9 million.

After almost 11 years, now I see my sister and talk to her at least twice a week. I got to meet my nephew who is almost 13 now. And a few months ago, I got to celebrate with my Mom her Birthday , cake, candles and singing Happy Birthday.

Now, I use Skype not only for family reunions . I use Skype for Business
. I bought a telephone number, and I subscribe to almost all of their paid services... I guess eBay will be the one laughing last. This is not a regional telephone company , it is a universal telecommunications company. Kudos to eBay

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