Monday, May 5, 2008

Alzheimer Moms & Mothers' Day

The other day I asked a friend of mine whose Mom has been slipping into Alzheimer or Dementia for a few years, what was she planning on doing with her Mom on Mothers' Day. Her response was, " nothing, she doesn't know who I am , and she won't remember it anyways."

I don't know what is worse or sadder , the fact that her Mom won't remember, or the fact that my friend has given up on her Mom?

My Mom too, has Dementia, and I am most certain that my Mom on her worst days, when she might not have been able to remember my name, she knew who I was , or, at least knew that someone close to her and who loves her is there, holding her hand , kissing her and talking to her. I could see it in her face, and feel it in her touch.

I always loved my Mom, but I never loved her as much as I do now, she is like a child , full of innocence and more dependent than she ever thought she could become, and most of all needs the reassurance that she is not a burden.

How could anyone ignore their Mom on the mere premise that they will not be recognized , and not spend Mothers' Day with her. It does not matter if she will know you, remember you, or remember you were there. What matters is that she will feel the love and its energy. And it is not about you. It's about her.

Don't think sadness or heartbreak. Just think LOVE and show it.

If you have a Mom suffering from Alzheimer or Dementia , you might want to read my Article, and have a wonderful day with your Mom.

Happy Mothers Day to All Moms !

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