Saturday, August 30, 2008

Sarah Palin : The Woman & Mother Unveiled ...

This is not a political rant , but rather grave concern as to the judgment and moral values of Sarah Palin as Woman and Mother.

I can somewhat understand it, when a woman who has no children and is desperate to get pregnant, would venture and take a risk at the age of 43

But , I cannot even phantom the idea, of someone who already has 4 children, taking that risk before getting her ovaries thoroughly tested , to eliminate any possibilities of causing the Baby to be born with Down Syndrome, and putting a baby's health and well being at risk.

I worked with Children with Down Syndrome, as well as with their parents and saw the pain first hand.

For those of you who do not know much what a Baby could endure with Down Syndrome, get informed.

I am not a proponent of abortion by any means. But in my book the recklessness of a pregnancy with a very high probability of causing a baby to be born with Down Syndrome, or any disease , is as immoral and irresponsible as having an abortion.

And what would be more immoral, is if the Evangelical Movement and the
Pro - Life Movement (who are suddenly pouring money now into the McCain Campaign) decide to use that pregnancy and Baby, to glamorize and propel Sarah Palin as their Poster Girl, and to further their political agenda of imposition, at the expense of the Baby . And that would be purely unconscionable .

Her poor judgment is not, in not having an abortion, but rather in not doing everything she possibly could have done , before getting pregnant, to make sure that the life she will be bearing will be protected from suffering. I am sure as Governor, she had access to top medical advice, anywhere in the country.

Who is taking care of that Baby she was parading on TV ?

Some might say, well her pregnancy might have been an accident and unplanned , and I say, when a woman is 43 and already on the verge of , or in menopause, she is expected to have at least an ounce of judgment, in the form of a condom, to protect the unborn.

I guess we live in a time when youthfulness and its quest are very popular and perceived as a measure of self worth , and could lead some women to feel that they are invincible ... and I say , good judgment should always prevail and especially when it has to deal with another life.

I do understand that we do not really know what goes on in people's private lives, and we should not be judgmental , and in any other circumstance I would totally agree .

But, considering that in this particular case , we are dealing with a woman who could be elected as Vice President , then her judgment and moral values are pivotal.

So, I take exception to that rule of minding my own business, especially , that with our media being mostly male dominated, they will not dare to bring up matters such as, the responsibilities of late pregnancies, and menopause up for discussion, in fear of losing advertisers, and, the raft of the different militant groups.

I believe that this is a debate that should take place, as it deals with the fundamentals of judgment and the core of morality.

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