Friday, June 20, 2008

Who is the House Protecting With This Electronic Surveillance Bill ?

The Associated Press Reported today that: " The House Friday easily approved a compromise bill setting new electronic surveillance rules that effectively shield telecommunications companies from lawsuits arising from the government's terrorism-era warrantless eavesdropping on phone and computer lines in this country."

So who are our elected officials protecting this time with this Electronic Surveillance Bill ?

I went on You Tube and searched for some archived reports on the subject, believing that I'll find some reports on Att or Verizon as the culprits in pushing the bill. Instead I stumbled on this Fox News Report that tells another story .

And if it is coming from Fox News with Tony Snow heading the report, then it must be true. Watch the video and see who these telecommunications companies our elected officials are shielding under this electronic surveillance bill.

Just when will our untrusted elected officials in Congress & the Senate going to start standing up for the American People . I thought they were elected to protect our rights and put our interests before any special interest groups.

Or better yet, when are we going to boot them out of office. They surely do not deserve to represent us . They have been bought and sold so many times by special interest groups that they forgot who elected them and forgot their fiduciary duty to us. Vote them out.

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