Saturday, December 15, 2007

How I freed myself from "Christmas shopping" stress!

I still vividly remember the stress of running around aimlessly during the last week before Christmas fighting the traffic in LA , trying to figure out what gifts to buy for the people on my list .

I don't have kids so I am in the dark as to what children and teenagers are into that year . So my excursion would start at Toys R Us. I go in and stand for a while near the checkout isles and inspect what people are buying, hoping that would give me some ideas ... then while inspecting the different isles, I would get on my cell phone calling family & friends and try to pry out of them what their kids would like for Christmas. Never got any straight answers . Nobody ever wants to make it easy . A few hours later , my head is spinning , my feet are aching and I am pushing a cart full of toys and games and a knot in my stomach evaporating any feeling or conviction that I picked the right gifts. So I would resolve myself to the fact that this is the best I can do.

Since I moved to the Desert , I acquired some wisdom and started to shop on line . I would sit for hours surfing from one store to the other , bookmarking the stores where I liked certain items so that I come back to them later.

You guessed it ! I would end up with a multitude of bookmarks that tell me nothing , and the search starts all over.

Well this year though late in the year , November to be specific I decided it would be great if I can create one web site with different gift ideas for different ages linked to different stores that are willing to pay me for shopping and provide a service for people who find themselves in similar situation.

This is the web site I know it is not perfect and real sophisticated but it does provide the service . After Christmas I'll have more time to hype it up.

So if you are a procrastinator or apprehensive of the mobs out there, I would appreciate your support. You will find Gifts for Women , Gift Ideas for Men ,
Gifts for Business Associates & Friends.

If you are entertaining and throwing a Christmas or New Years Party get some of these
Easy Holiday Appetizers , they are really great.

Thank You! and have a wonderful Christmas.

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